Meeting #:3
Main Level Chambers

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  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the Committee of Adjustment meeting held July 25, 2019 be adopted presented.

C-19-01 - Krygsman Consent Application has been deferred until an archaeological assessment is completed.

​Application No. MV-19-03

Applicant: K. J. Allen Investment Inc.

Property Location: 20 Lake Temagami Island 337

THE PURPOSE of the Application is:

To permit the construction of an addition to an existing cottage and an addition of a screened porch.  The application is also to permit a sleep cabin on the subject property. The existing buildings are located within the Shoreline Activity Area (SAA) and are considered legal non-complying buildings, due to not meeting the minimum required setback of 15 metres from the shoreline. The subject property is located within the Remote Residential (R1) Zone (Lake Temagami).

THE EFFECT of the Application is:

  • Section 6.28:To permit an expansion of a non-complying cottage that is located within the SAA. The cottage has a current size of 45.5 square metres (490 square feet) and is proposed to be expanded to 95.5 square metres (1,026 square feet) which is an increase of 50.0 square metres (536 square feet). The expansion includes the addition and the screened porch. To permit the additions to the existing cottage with minimum distances from the shoreline of 5 metres from the north shoreline of the subject property, 6.5 metres from the east shoreline of the subject property, and 11 metres from the south shoreline of the subject property.
  • Section 6.40: To permit an increase in the maximum area of structures within the Shoreline Activity Area to 117.0 square metres (1,259 square feet) where a maximum of 100 square metres (1,076 square feet) is permitted.
  • Section 7.4.2 Any Sleeping Cabin without both bathroom and kitchen facilities a):To permit a sleep cabin that is located 6 metres (20 feet) from the shoreline on the south side of the subject property where a minimum setback of 15 metres (49 feet) is permitted.
  • Draft Motion:


    The Committee of Adjustment:          Grants Refuses Deferrers

    Minor Variance Application: MV-19-03

    Applicant: K.J. Allen Investments Inc.

    Subject to the attached Notice of Decision

  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the September 26, 2019 Committee of Adjustment meeting be adjourned at         p.m.