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  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Committee of the Whole meeting agenda dated January 16, 2018 be adopted as presented / amended.

  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting move to Committee of the Whole.

  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council receive memo 2018-M-02 regarding appointing a Deputy Chief for Temagami Fire Department; AND FURTHER THAT Council adopt the Temagami Fire Chief’s recommendation to consider a By-law to appoint Wendell Gustavson as Deputy Fire Chief of the Temagami Fire Department and to repeal By-law # 03-543.

  • Draft Motion:

    WHEREAS at the Planning Advisory Committee Meeting (PAC) meeting held on November 22, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. the committee recommended to Council to direct staff to seek a legal opinion regarding the status of the remnants of buildings have any bearings on the permitted uses on the site and a second opinion on the Planning Consultant’s recommendation; AND WHEREAS at the PAC meeting held on January 9, 2018 the Committee discussed Memo 2017-M-109 regarding Mining Location B; AND WHEREAS the Committee would like to recommend to Council to direct staff to get more background information regarding Mining Location B; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT that Council receive Memo 2018-M-003; AND FURTHER THAT Council direct staff to perform the research necessary and refer the matter back to PAC.

  • Draft Motion:

    Whereas Council passed resolution #17-055 on February 2nd 2017 making an exception to the Purchasing Policies and giving Councillor Prefasi authority to make purchases related to the 2017 Shiverfest; And Whereas it is expedient to do so again for ease of planning and implementation of the Shiverfest 2018 celebration; BE IT RESOLVED THAT council authorize a budget of $3,800 for the 2018 Shiverfest; AND FURTHER THAT Council grant an exception to the Municipality’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures to give Councillor Prefasi authority to make purchases related to the 2018 Shiverfest event in accordance with the Municipality’s Purchasing Policy and Procedures.

  • Draft Motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting return to regular session at          p.m.

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